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25 litres of PRIME 20 liquid feed/ molasses

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Product Overview

25 litres of PRIME 20 (approx. 752 litres per ton) @ 0.63 pence per litre = £15.75 

Feed molasses NO signle use plastic, REUSABLE storage and feeders.

Prime 20 is a molasses based liquid feed supplement which includes sugars, protein and essential vitamins and trace elements. It is suitable for feeding to sheep and cattle. PRIME 20 will replace cake and blocks and buckets, these are a costly feed option. Also feeding molasses has the added benafit of,

When to use Prime 20 for sheep

  • Pre-tupping - fl ushing ewes to improve their nutritional status and body condition score will improve ovulation rates and lambing percentage
  • Pre-lambing and post-lambing - as a supplement to forage

Prime 20 should be introduced 8 weeks prior to lambing. As a forage supplement, Prime 20 will sustain ewes expected to bear singles. For twin-bearing ewes, it can be used up until 4 weeks pre-lambing, after which an additional (bypass) protein supply should be included in the ration.

Feeding sheep
One of the key benefi ts of Prime 20 is that it can be fed to sheep from free access wheel-lick feeders. Wheel-lick feeders come in a variety of sizes: 35 litre, 95 litre and 250 litre and should ideally be sited on areas of hard standing to prevent poaching.

Typical daily intake: 0.25kg / head / day.

When to use Prime 20 for cattle

  • To supplement poor quality forage
  • To de-dust and nutritionally balance cereal-based rations

Prime 20 is suitable for supplementing cattle throughout the year. It supplies readily fermentable energy and so balances starchy cereal based rations.

Feeding cattle
For cattle, Prime 20 is more suitable for pouring over forage. Recommended feeding rates are 0.5-1.5kg / head / day, depending on the quality and nutritional value of the rest of the ration.

Shelf life of the liquid feed is 6 months, vitamins and minerals are present in the liquid feed for 3 months then they start to deteriorate. See photos for typical analysis. 

Each drum weighs approx. 35KG. One drum  can be delivered UK mainland for £36 inc vat. Several drums can be sent on a pallet (3 working days delivery). Pallets only dispatched on Fridays. Shipping price depends on delivery location. Shipping calculated at check out.   




(No reviews yet) Write a Review