Single AdaptOBall

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Product Overview

Single AdaptOBall are a more economical alternative for a molasses feeder. It can be inserted in to a container for feeding molasses/ liquid feed to livestock.

The AdaptOBall is designed to easily convert various containers in to suitable dispensers for feeding liquid feed to cattle and sheep. Each unit is molded from high density polythene comprising a plastic ball encased in a flanged tube. 

To fit a unit, select a container with a depth of up to 8". If required, the tube can be shortned to reach a minimum depth of 4". 

Prepare a template before cutting out the locating hole by tracing the circumference of the tube on the container surface. After cutting the hole, insert the tube (insuring the ball is trapped in it). Finally, ensure the two lugs on the AdaptOBall are secured under the surface of the container. 

Delivery time scale is 3 working days. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review